Achieve more with less effort

askBetty will help you achieve more with
less effort,
by taking care of your to-do list, letting
you focus on more important things.

We leverage human-powered assistants through our Slack app, giving you easy and instant access to a live virtual assistant.


Betty is there for you

Need a quick turnaround on transcribing your
Board meeting minutes? No problem!

Need to schedule a client lunch?
Dietary restrictions – check
Venue – check
Parking info – check
Catering – done and done

Need to find the latest tech gadget for
your niece’s birthday? Betty’s got you.


Signing Up

askBetty is available exclusively on the Slack platform. Just add askBetty as an app on your personal or corporate workspace. The first time you ask Betty to help you out, you’ll be taken to our Client Portal where you can create an account and securely check out.

Fully Integrated Client Portal

Log in to the portal any time to update your account and billing details, see how many tasks are available, or check the status of a task.

Slack App

Chat with Betty to get your tasks done, check how many tasks you have available, buy additional tasks or rate the quality of tasks performed.

3,2,1 DONE

Using Betty

The next time you need something done, just open askBetty on Slack and let her know what you need. Betty will let you know as soon as your task is started and will respond in Slack once it’s completed.

askBetty is powered by Virtual Gurus. We leverage talented and experienced virtual assistants throughout Canada and the United States to take care of your needs.

Each request is a minimum of one itty-bitty-Betty task. Betty will let you know if your task will take longer than 15 minutes.


Secure Purchases

We use Stripe payment processing to ensure secure transactions which means we never have access to your credit card details.

It also means that you can rest easy knowing that if you need something purchased, we can get that done for you, without needing you to share your credit card details.

Betty makes it easy for you to get your stuff done. Conveniently and economically priced in one-hour bundles, choose how many tasks you need to get your stuff done.

$ 32


15 min itty-bitty-Betty Tasks

$8 per task

$ 60


15 min itty-bitty-Betty Tasks

$7.5 per task

$ 84


15 min itty-bitty-Betty Tasks

$7 per task

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Betty’s got you

We know! You’re dying to find out how Betty can help get your stuff done. Here’s some inspiration to get you started…

Audio Transcription

You’ve just finished a three-hour (!) board meeting and you’re not looking forward to transcribing the audio file! But that’s not a problem for you – you know askBetty will transcribe the notes and send them out to the board to review.


Your social media posts for next week’s announcement are written but need some editing love. Call in askBetty, your secret weapon, to add some polish (and those pesky hashtags).


Saturday is a special occasion. askBetty can make it even more special. Arrange a car service, make dinner reservations at the latest hot spot and have your favourite bottle of bubbles waiting when you and your companion arrive at the table.


An amazing seat sale to one of your fave destinations has popped up but you’re in back-to-back meetings and know they’ll sell out before you have a chance to book. Shoot askBetty a note with your travel dates and other details – she’ll source all of your travel options for you while you’re taking care of business.


This is the summer you want to get some renos done around the house and first on your list is painting the house. Betty can source competitive quotes and schedule the contractor, taking one thing off your gotta-get-done list.

Add the app to Slack and follow the prompts to create an Account

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